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This month's POWER PLAY | My TOP 10 House Music Bangers

Here is my November House music Power Playlist!

My Top10 favourite House Music Tracks I've played this month on my radio show.

#10: Inertia - Ken'Ichi Itoi - Paradoxical EP

#9: Muyè - Rampa, Adam Port & Me

#8: Season 2 - Okain

#7: Slink N Slide - Jhobei

#6: Booty Percolatin - AR & Jerome Six

#5: Franklin - London Ground

#4: G in Da Club - JP Chronic

#3: La Farsa - LondonGround

#2: MamaLumpa - Nylon Lion

#1: Open Form - Lost Desert, Reigan & Amand

Tune into my weekly radio show on ChoiceFM UK every Tuesday 6pm till 8pm (UK Time) Link on home page.

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