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Cardio’ is the dancefloor house album that you have been waiting for and never knew you needed. From the creative mind of one of London’s favourite sons comes an album of undeniable infectious beauty that will set fans of House, Deep House and Tech House abuzz with excitement.


This is how an album always should be. A complex array of thoughts, colours and textures that paint a soundscape that stretches the genres and explores all the possibilities that House Music offers. Producing 12 tracks of extraordinary individual brilliance is no mean feat and this is why it has taken Veco four years to bring this 12-track collection to fruition. 


From the opening track ‘Anatomy’ to the final calling of ‘Shapes’, ‘Cardio’ represents a body of work from an artist at the top of his game. Creating 12 individual micro journeys into how House Music should be presented, ‘Cardio’ inspires, caresses and touches the listener in a whole new way. Wonderfully melodic and generating its own glorious soundscapes, it brings together all the essential elements to make it a seminal release.


As the world returns to the warm embrace of House Music in all its glory, it is albums like ‘Cardio’ that will redefine its future. Carl Veco is the artist that can lead us to that new horizon and with this album at your fingertips, that journey looks brighter than it has ever been before. Take a ride with him and let ‘Cardio’ put the heartbeat back into House. 

Carl Veco - Cardio Album

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