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‘Drinking’ is the next dancefloor smash from Carl Veco, one of London’s favourite sons on the DJ Producer circuit. Following up on his debut album Cardio, the track is already in the record crates of some of the world’s biggest DJs and will jump start your heart beat once again.


This is Big House finessed with the addictive vocals of Dan I who weaves his tropical island vocals atop a groove that will entertain the masses. This is hands in the air time, with all the right drops and builds required to exhaust every drop of anticipation from its creation. The duo paint a picture that is irresistible to the feet and an addictive reminder that dance music is fun. There is so much joy in the track which celebrates life with a cheeky hook that will stay long in the memory.


This is far from the one dimensional and disposable fodder that many producers serve up to their fans today. It is the fuel that powers our clubs and the festival circuit. It is the energy that fills our weekends with passion and exaltations of sheer ecstasy. It is the shared experience that fills our hearts, and with Drinking, the social fabric is woven into an unbreakable bond.


Supported by a video and a global radio campaign that will light up the airwaves, spill some Drinking in your playlist. Drink from Carl Veco’s cup. It won’t give you a hangover but will still leave you begging for more.


Carl Veco - Drinking Feat Dan I

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