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Carl Veco is back and in extraordinary form with his latest single I Wanna Dance. Years in the wilderness spent reflecting and honing his craft are resulting in an exceptional body of work that is bringing much needed creativity to the Deep House and Melodic worlds of clubland. Carl Veco is producing exquisite slabs of delectable music, and I Wanna Dance is a clear example of what is needed on the dancefloor.


An intoxicating hook that encourages the most jaded of feet to get up and stomp to the beat, I Wanna Dance will achieve that statement and more. Supported by an undulating bassline and understated keys, the single permeates every single emotion needed to hunch the shoulders and get your groove on. 

Building with synths reminiscent of the old school ways, the backdrop to a world less travelled is released in all its glory. Deep, addictive, vocally superior in every moment, I Wanna Dance will take you to the edge of ecstasy and beyond. Perfect for those curators who are looking for that touch of excellence in their Deep House collections, include I Wanna Dance in your playlist and watch your audience explode beyond your wildest expectations. 

Carl Veco - I Wanna Dance

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